Court Rules:


Welcome to the Bradford  Beach Volleyball Courts.  The poles, nets and hardware are purchased, installed and maintained by Bradford Beach.  They are free courts for the public to enjoy unless previously reserved for rental, leagues, tournaments, or private events.  We only ask that you follow these basic court rules and etiquette:


         Please do not hang on the nets as they are expensive and easily damaged by pulling on them.

          Please contact a staff member if you wish to adjust the net height.

         Double teams must accept challenges from other double teams.  the winner stays on the court while the loser enters the back of the line to challenge again.

         If multiple teams are waiting to challenge, they can start a work-up court. Winners on each court move up a court or stay if already on the top court, while losers move down.

         Please keep the beach clean!  No alcoholic carry-ins, no glass and no litter.

         Have fun, be respectful.  Bad behavior, foul language, or roughness will not be tolerated.


If you choose to ignore any of these suggestions, staff will ask you to leave.  Abiding by these rules allows everyone to enjoy Bradford Beach.



League Rules:




League Rules - all rules are based on the official USA Volleyball rules


All Divisions:

         TEAMS WILL PLAY TWO GAMES ONLY TO 21, WIN BY TWO AND NO CAP (There is not time to play a third game) 

         No net touch at all

         No lifting, throwing or swatting the ball

         Three touches maximum per side

         No attacking, spiking or blocking the serve



         Setting the serve is allowed

         No coed or "girl" rule

         Switch sides between games



         Setting the serve is not allowed

         Block does count as a touch

         No open hand tips

         When setting over the net, the ball must travel directly in line forward or backwards with the player's shoulders

         Switch sides every 7 points


Forfeit Rule, Reschedules, and No-shows

         ALL TEAMS MUST CHECK IN AT THE VOLLEYBALL COUNTER BEFORE THE START OF THEIR FIRST MATCH!!! (This is to ensure we are tracking who is there and who is a no-show)

         If a team arrives more than 10 minutes late, they will forfeit the match

         Teams may reschedule a match on their own provided they notify the league director they will be doing so and the rescheduled match does not interfere with other scheduled matches

         Minimum 24hr notice required for forfeit

         Any forfeit notice at least 24 hours in advance will only count as a loss

         Any notice less than 24 hours, or no notice = No Show

         Two No Shows and you will be removed from the league


Reporting Scores


         We will not track down teams that do not report scores and will enter in a 0-0 draw, lowering your standings and playoff chances.

         Do not rely on the other team to reports scores, you should always double check.

         If you forget to report a score, send an email to the league director who will update it for you.


Make up of teams and Substitutions


Coed 6's

         Maximum Roster of 10 Players

         Maximum ration or 4 male to 2 female players on the court or forfeit

         Minimum of 2 Male and 2 Female players on the court or forfeit


Coed 2's

         One Male and one Female only


Junior's 2's

         Both participants must match the age requirements

         16U - must be 16 or under for the entire season



         Substitute players need not be registered and can sub at any regular season match

         Substitute players may not increase the maximum roster number above ten

         Substitute players may not play in the end of the season tournaments without approval of league director

         There will be no in-league substitutions for any of the 2's divisions (players from a different 2's division can sub in any division except their own)


 League Playoffs

         Playoffs will take place the last 3 weeks of the season

         Every Team will make the Playoff

         Teams will be placed in playoff divisions based on their regular season performance

         Playoff format will be based on the size of each division and will either be single elimination, consolation or double elimination


Also, a friendly reminder to help us take care of our community beach!



Thank You!