Court Rules:

Welcome to the Bradford View LLC Beach Volleyball Courts.  The poles, nets and hardware are purchased, installed and maintained by Bradford View LLC.  They are free for the public to enjoy unless previously reserved for leagues, tournaments, or private events.  We only ask that you follow these basic court rules and etiquette:


  • Please do not hang on the nets as they are expensive and easily damaged by pulling on them.
  •  Please contact a staff member if you wish to adjust the net height.
  • Double teams must accept challenges from other double teams.  the winner stays on the court while the loser enters the back of the line to challenge again.
  • If multiple teams are waiting to challenge, they can start a work-up court. Winners on each court move up a court or stay if already on the top court, while losers move down.
  • Please keep the beach clean!  No alcoholic carry-ins, no glass and no litter.
  • Have fun, be respectful.  Bad behavior, foul language, or roughness will not be tolerated.

If you choose to ignore any of these suggestions, staff will ask you to leave.  Abiding by these rules allows everyone to enjoy Bradford Beach.

Thank You!

Bradford View LLC and SURG Restaurant Group