2018 Volleyball League Information
2018 Registration is now open for the season

League Registration

·         League Registration Through bradfordbeachmke.com will open March 19th, 2018 and close on May 20th, 2018

Cost of Leagues

·         Coed 6’s:  $375 per team

·         Coed 2’ss:  $145 per team

·         Men/Women/Junior 2’s $145 per team

Divisions for Summer League 2018



Coed 6’s A

Coed 6’s B

Coed 6’s C



Men 2’s A

Women 2’s B

Coed 6’s B

Coed 6’s C



Men 2’s B

Coed 2’s A

Coed 6’s B

Coed 6’s C



Coed 6’s B

Coed 6’s C



Junior 2’s 16U – Boys

Junior 2’s 16U – Girls

Coed 6’s B

Coed 6’s C


Levels of Play

·         Recreational Level of Play:  Players may be new comers to the sport or may not fully have a grasp on the rules or skills but want to play for fun.

·         Recreational Level of Play:  players have some experience playing organized volleyball and have perhaps been coached a small amount

·         Fairly competitive level of play:  players understand the rules, can generally execute the different skills and play to win.

League Rules


All Divisions:

·         No net touch at all

·         No lifting, throwing or swatting the ball

·         three touches maximum per side

·         No attacking, spiking or blocking the serve


·         Setting the serve is allowed

·         No coed or "girl" rule


·         Setting the serve is not allowed

·         Block does count as a touch

Forfeit Rule

·         Minimum 24hr notice required for forfeit

·         Attempt will be made to reschedule the match, but may not always be possible

·         Any forfeit notice at least 24 hours in advance will only count as a loss

·         Any notice less than 24 hours, or no notice = No Show

·         Two No shows and you are out

Make up of teams and Substitutions


Coed 6's

·         Maximum Roster of 10 Players

·         Maximum ration or 4 male to 2 female players on the court or forfeit

·         Minimum of 2 Male and 2 Female players on the court or forfeit

Coed 2's

·         One Male and one Female only

Junior's 2's

·         Both participants must match the age requirements

·         16U - must be 16 or under for the entire season


·         Substitute players need not be registered and can sub at any regular season match

·         Substitute players may not increase the maximum roster number above ten

·         Substitute players may not play in the end of the season tournaments without approval of league director

·         There will be no in-league substitutions for any of the 2's divisions (players from a different 2's division can sub in any division except their own)

 League Playoffs


·         Playoffs will take place the last 3 weeks of the season

·         Every Team will make the Playoff

·         Teams will be placed in playoff divisions based on their regular season performance

·         Playoff format will be based on the size of each division and will either be single elimination, consolation or double elimination

League Incentives and Promotions

·         Teams play 2 - 3 matches per night

·         Weekly food and beverage specials for League Members

·         Raffles for league members

·         End of the season league tournaments

·         League prizes for 1st and 2nd place teams in each division