Bradford Beach
Volleyball tournament 2018
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Welcome to the 2018 Bradford Beach Soccer Classic!!


Saturday, June 23rd & Sunday, June 24th

9am – 6pm

This event is open to all traditional and non-traditional soccer "teams"



Coed & Men


Prizes (per division):

$1,000 Cash Prize for 1st place

$750 Cash Prize for 2nd place



• Double Elimination

• 5 v 5 - 4 field players plus a keeper

• Approx. Field Size is 25yd x 35yd

• Roster size LIMITED to eight (8)

• 2 day Format with games Sat-Sun





Contact our Tournament Director for questions:

Tenzin Rampa

Bradford Beach Classic Rules
1.       All games are 4v4 including a goalie. Substitutions may be made on the fly.
2.       Playing fields will be 30 yards long and 25yards wide.  Goals will be approximately six (6) feet high by eighteen (18) feet wide.
3.       Games will consist of two (2) twelve (12) minutes halves with a one (1) minute half time.
4.       Goalies are not allowed to punt the ball, they may only throw or kick it off the sand.
5.       There are no off-sides.
6.       There are no throw-ins, all balls that go out of bounds will result in a kick-in to resume play.
7.         When a ball goes out of bounds at the touchline, the team taking possession will start with an indirect kick at the point where that ball went out of play. Goal kicks will be taken anywhere on the line of the defensive penalty zone.
8.       Penalty Kicks—Penalty kicks will be given for fouls and misconduct that are penalized under the FIFA Rules with a direct kick.  Accordingly, a penalty kick will be awarded if a player, in the discretion of the referee:

·         Commits intentional kicking, holding, tripping, charging, or pushing an opponent with excess force.

·         Executes or attempts to execute a “reckless slide tackle” against an opposing player.

·         Fighting will result in the player being thrown out of the tournament FOREVER.

9.         Penalty kicks will be taken from the 8 yard line.  All players must be out of the box when the penalty kick is being taken.
10.      An indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team for any foul that does not result in a penalty kick.  For all indirect kicks, including sideline kicks, the opposing team must stand 5 yards from the ball, and all indirect kicks will be at least 5 yards from the goal zone in line with where the foul was committed.  Corner kicks and penalty shots are only direct kicks in this tournament.
11.      A referee reserves the right to eject any player whose behavior at any time during the tournament endangers another player, referees, or the public.  The tournament director has the right to extend the ejection to multiple games or the

entire tournament, if the director, in its discretion, deems it to be warranted under the circumstances.  This behavior shall be defined as, but not limited to:

·         Play, which injures or is meant to injure another player.

·         Threatening or unsportsmanlike conduct (e.g. throwing a punch, fighting, etc.)

·         Abusive language